A language menu for English will be added to the KHCH callback service

The callback service development project at Kanta-Häme Central Hospital is progressing well, and this spring a language menu will be introduced in the units connected to the 24/7 service from 1 June.

The customer can select the service in English by selecting item 4 from the menu. The callback request is not given an estimated callback time in this context, as in the Finnish-language service.

Contact information for outpatient clinics can be found on our website.

The following units are currently included in the 24/7 service and language menu:

  • Surgery and orthopedics outpatient clinic
  • Children and adolescents’ outpatient clinic, Day hospital, Surgery outpatient clinic and children’s neurology unit
  • Eye unit
  • Ear, nose and throat outpatient clinic
  • Hearing center
  • Oral outpatient clinic
  • Dermatology outpatient clinic
  • Day hospital
  • Pain clinic
  • Outpatient clinic of neurology
  • Cancer outpatient clinic
  • Palliative outpatient clinic
  • Maternity clinic
  • Women’s diseases outpatient clinic

During the autumn of 2021, the development project will be completed and most of the remaining units will switch to the 24/7 service and language menu.